• CANA ~ Draft beer ~

    • LOWENBRAU (Levenbroy) 420 ml / 568 ml


      The flavor of malt and pop has been active, the royal road of German beer.

    • Asahi premium draft beer skill


      We gathered carefully selected materials carefully and aged for a long time.The second cup is a premium beer that keeps good humor.

    • HOEGAARDEN WHITE (Hugarden White)


      A surprisingly fresh and fruity white beer.

    • Today's Spanish draft beer


      To the staff!

  • CERVEZA BOTELLA ~ Bottled beer made in Spain ~

    • ESTRELLA · DAMM (Estrella Dam)


      It is a beer characterized by creamy foaming.It is also famous as the official sponsor of FC Barcelona.

    • MORITZ (Moritz)


      It is very easy to drink lager beer with pale malt and mountain water.It is Barocerona's brewery.



      It is a double malt dark lager beer.It is a well-balanced beer with flavor and flavor.

    • AMBAR NEGRA (Amber Negra)


      It is a homemade malt beer.There is a faint sweetness after a refreshing throat.

  • COCTEL ~ Cocktail ~

    • SANGRIA (fruit wine) glass / large / decanter


      Speaking of Haporoco's specialty, this sangria.We offer it to customers from the first year cheaply than on site.(There are red and white.)

    • CLARA (Clara)


      A cocktail divided by dumpling soda into draft beer.To those who do not like beer.

    • TINTO DE VERANO (Tinto de Bellano)


      Cocktail divided with red wine and cider.Andalusia is famous.

    • AGUA DE VALENCIA (Aguades Valencia)


      Cocktails of Valencia specialty orange and sparkling wine.

    • PONCHE CABALLERO (Ponce Caballero)


      Liqueur in Spain domestic share 85%.In Hapoloco it is recommended that cola and carbonate and split cocktail.

    • REBUJITO (Lev Heat)


      It is a cocktail that split dry sherry and soda.It is a standard to use Manzanja.

    • KALIMOTXO (Karimocho)


      It is a cocktail divided by red wine and cola.It is the birthplace of the Basque Country.It is said that Basque people made so that they can be drunk quickly.

    • ※ Various <large> + \ 100 deals.

  • JEREZ ~ Sherry alcohol ~

    • <Dry> PAVON PUERTO FINO (Papon Fuerutofino)


      It is a sherry liquor that you can enjoy delicate aroma and very dry taste.Straight is recommended.

    • <Dry> MANZANILLA LA GITANA (Man sunny Ja Ra Hitana)


      It smells of tides and green apples, it is fresh and refreshing dry.

    • <中 辛> RIO VENJO OLOROSO (Rio Viejo Oro Rosso)


      You can enjoy it with aperitif and after dinner.For example, like Shaoxing wine in China it's a taste.Of course it also matches as a meal while eating.

    • <中 辛> BOTAINA AMONTILLADO (Boitana Amontillado)


      A sweet scent is felt with light amber dark wine.It is compatible with tapas, raw ham or seafood with a strong taste even in the meal.

    • <Sweet mouth> GROFT PALE CREAM (croft pale cream)


      Shiny thin golden color.Aroma with a slight flor and scent of fruit.You can feel sweetness in refreshingness.

    • <Sweet mouth> MANORA CREAM (Manora Cream)


      It has aged sweetness compared with craft and it goes well with cakes, tarts or cheese as dessert wine.

    • <Extremely sweet> PEDRO XIMENEZ CUESTA (Pedro Jimenez Questa)


      Taste of dark amber and beautiful raisins.It is rich in mouth, finally the taste of roasted coffee is made faint.We recommend ice cream in Hapoloco.

  • BRANDY Y LICORES ~ Brandy & Liqueur ~

    • VETERANO (Betelano)


      It is a sherry brandy of locally famous bullfighting label.Drinking mouth feels sweet taste with light.

    • DECANO (Decano)


      Matured over a year or more in an American oak barrel that aged over 3 years of Sherry.It is a dry drinking mouth than Betelano.

    • PACHARAN LA NAVARRA (バ チ ャ ラ ン)


      It is a liqueur made from Spicasmomo which can be taken in Nabara region.It is a soul liqueur of Basque people.

    • SOL Y SOMBRA (Sol y Sombra)


      It is the meaning of "sun and shadow" in Spanish.It is a strong cocktail that splits Shelly Brandy and Anise wine by half & half.

  • WHISKY Y BOURBON ~ Whiskey & Bourbon ~

    • Early Times (Early Times)


      It is characterized by somewhat rusty flavor with sweetness and sweet and gorgeous scent.

    • Early Times Blind Archer (Blind Archer)


      Based on the Early Times, a flavored whiskey that you can enjoy even if you are a whiskey beginner, plus the flavor of green apple and cinnamon.

    • Apple Wine (Apple Wine)


      Add apple brandy to apple wine and partly use sake which slowly matured in brandy barrel.It has a mellow sweetness and a distinctive taste.

    • Jack Daniel's (Jack Daniel)


      Vanilla, caramel and other good fragrances and mellow and balanced flavor are features.

    • Single malt Miyazaki Gorge


      It is gorgeous, fruity, smooth taste of single malt whiskey.

  • ZUMA Y SIN ALCOHOL ~ Juice & non alcohol ~

    • ZUMO DE NARANJA (Orange juice)

    • ZUMO DE UVA (grape juice)

    • ZUMO DE POMELO (grapefruit juice)

    • ZUMO DE MANZANA (apple juice)

    • COLA (Coke)

    • TEA (Oolong tea is available)

    • GINGER ALE FRESCO (Fresh Ginger Ale)


      It is a popular 100% fresh ginger.There are 4 types of flavors.(Original / Passion Fruit / Jasmine / Pomegranate Hibiscus)

    • Asahi DRY ZERO (Asahi Dry Zero)


      You can enjoy drinking beer like "Dry Nodo Oshiki" and "Creamy Foam" and enjoy a refreshing taste suitable for meals.

  • SPARKLING WINE ~ Sparkling wine ~

    • SEGURA VIUDAS BRUT RESERVA (Segura Vedus Brute Reserva) Glass / Bottle


      It is Spanish wine from Spain.

  • VINO DEL DIA ~ Today's wine ~ (It changes regularly)

    • <TINTO(赤)> Marquez de la Villaglass / Bottle


      It is the same kind as Templininho, but it has a high degree of condensation.One that feels cost performance.

    • <TINTO(赤)> Dobre Arhoben Glass / Bottle


      It is a fruity and powerful aged tannin and balanced wine.

    • <TINTO(赤)> Garnatcia Centennial Glass / Bottle


      It is said to be the best Spanish class Varnaccia! It is made from an old tree of Garnacha that has been over 100 years old.

    • <BLANCO(白)> Albada Calatacod Glass / Bottle


      It is a greenish dark golden color with a fruity taste and a long dry dry white finish.

    • <BLANCO(白)> Nuestra Señora Portal Glass / Bottle


      Garnacha Blanca's main white.Complex fragrance and long finish are attractive.

  • VINO DEL DIA ~ Bottle selling wine ~

    • Squared Three 3 (Squared Three)


      【Vdt Rivera Del Cayres / Varieties: Garnacha + Merlot】 Matured for 1 month at American Oak and French Oak used for 1 year.The fruit taste is wonderful and the skeleton is also solid.

    • Reverse Six 6 (Reverse Six)


      【Vdt Rivera Del Cayres / Cultivation: Temprani Nejo + Merlot】 Mature for 6 months in French oak barrel.It is a complex aroma, but its mouthfill is round and rich and powerful.

    • Number Nine 9 (Number · Nine)


      【Vdt Rivera Del Cayres / Category: Tempranee Jeu + Cabernet Blanc】 Mature for 6 months in French oak barrel.Round tannins have a solid skeleton and taste is long.

    • Torrederos Reserva (Torederos · Reserva)


      Owner's Ichoshi red wine 【Do Rivera del Duyro】 Mature for 18 months with French oak and American oak.Bottle aging for 18 months before release.The flavor and sourness from wooden barrels, the balance of elegant tannins is very well expressive abundant.

    • ※ There are other wines held by others.


      Please speak to our staff.※ There is a day of absence.Please note.

  • Madeira Wine ~ Madilla wine ~

    • Barbate Sersial 10 Years

      Grass \ 800

      【Dry / grape variety: Sersial】 Shining golden color.The fragrance of the altar and shellac.Sweet and tasty flavors of old leather and trees.A long reverberation.A one with a high global evaluation.

    • Brandies Verdello 5 Years

      Grass \ 600

      【Medium Dry / Grape Varieties: Verdello】 Clear beautiful topaz color, golden edge.Raisins, dried fruits, spice complex scent.Nuance of honey and oranges.With chicken and putty.

    • Driveira Dry 5 Years

      Grass \ 600

      【Dry / grape variety: Tinta Negura】 Orange-rich golden color.Dry orange peel, scent like nuts.Acid sharpness is good, dry and dry.

  • Barrel ☆ Sparkling

    • Paul Star SPARKLING WINE


      I smashed the scented sparkling wine.That taste pouring from the server one by one is always cold and fresh!