• ENTRADAS ~ Appetizer ~

    • TAPAS (tapas)


      Speaking of Hapoloco, it is TAPAS lined up in the counter.A lot of dishes are lined up just like the locals.

    • RACION DE TAPAS (tapas of dish)


      It is a prime of Random Autumn.For the customers of the table where the counters are full and can not be seen.Customers at the counter should order at TAPAS.

    • ANCHOA AHUMADA (anchovy smoke)

    • BOQUERONES (pickled sardine)

    • ENSALADA MIXTA (Mixed salad)


      It is Spanish classic salad.It is a crisp salad with vinegar flavors containing tuna, eggs, corn and tomatoes.

    • ENSALADA CAESAR DE POLLO (Caesar salad of chicken)


      It is a popular salad in the Hankyu shop of Hapoloco.Chicken uses scissors.

    • HUEVOS A LA FLAMENCA (Flamenca egg)


      It seems that it was named for colorful dishes like flamenco costumes.It is a Spanish regional cuisine that stews tomatoes and vegetables and has eggs dropped on it.※ It takes time to bake up in the oven.Please order as soon as possible.



      It is a popular menu of Haporoco.It is a dish that mixes eggs on a potato fly and mix them.It is a dish which fits whatever you like.(Raw ham, chorizo, shrimp, mushrooms, etc.)

    • PATATAS BRAVAS (Spicy Potato Fly)


      It is a delicious sauce of potato flies.I will spend plenty of places like the locals.

    • CROQUETAS DE POLLO Y JAMON (raw ham and chicken cream croquette)


      Reproduction of popular menu of "Hamon Hamon" in that Dojima.It is the taste of legend Barcelona.

    • PESCADOS FRITO (frying white fish)


      It is deep-fried of white fish.How about Spanish beer?

    • SOPA DE AJO (garlic soup)


      I'm sure you'll be fine and plenty of garlic.Soup that makes eggs cheerful as well.

  • CARNES ~ Meat dish ~

    • CALLOS DE MADRID (boiling with spicy beef)


      It is a Maddle style cow stew.

    • SURITIDO DE IBERICO ENBUTIDOS (Iberico sausage serving)

      3 species: \ 1200

      Please eat plenty with potato fried.

    • CHULETA DE IBERICO (Iberian pig's steak)


      Hapoloco's specialty dish.If you get lost!

  • ESCARDO Y MARISCO ~ Seafood ~

    • Please see MENU del Dia (today's recommended)!

  • JAMON Y QUESO ~ Raw ham & cheese ~

    • SURTIDO DE QUESO (Assorted Cheese)


      I will bring it for wine.There is no mistake in using the second store!

    • EL QUESO PURO DE OVEJA (sheep milk)


      It is milky cheese of aging for 3 months.It is a characteristic of habit.

    • QUESO DE OVEJA DE VINO (red wine flavored sheep milk)


      It is a sheep 's milk cheese pickled in red wine.It is characterized by sweetness.

    • QUESO DE CABRA (goat 's milk)


      Unlike general goats, it is easy to eat and mellow without habits.

    • SAN SIMON DE COSTA (cow's smoke)


      It is a cheese smoked cows' milk.It is said that coffee milk is on site.

    • QUESO MONCHEGO (Keso Manchego)


      It is milk of sheep, but in the field it is a milk of strong brand sheep called "keso Manchego".It is the most popular in Spain.

    • SURTIDO DE JAMON (Assortment of raw ham) 1/2 RACION / RACION


      It is a great deal of assorted salami with raw ham.You can also choose a single body in the raw ham menu.

    • SUTIDO DE JAMON Y QUESO (Assorted Raw Ham & Cheese)


      It is the strongest combination to match wine.If you are lost for second-person use this!

    • JAMON DE TLEVRRES (Hamontresle 20 months aged) 1/2 RACION / RACION


      It is recommended that Haporoco shopkeeper confidently take the best delicious Serrano by eating.

    • CHORIZO IBERICO DE BELLOTTA (Chorizo ​​of Iberico pig Bejota) 1/2 RACION / RACION


      Speaking of Choori is the city of Salamanca.It is also a shop owner's study abroad destination.If asked what the taste of Spain is, I will answer the taste of chorizo.

    • SALCHICHON IBERICO DE BELLOTA (Salami of Iberico pig Bejota) 1/2 RACION / RACION


      It is a salami of Iberico Bejota.It is a delicious salami with a flavor of peppers.

    • FUET CALIDAD EXTRA (white Kabisarami) 1/2 RACION / RACION


      It is white lamppy lamina of Catalonia region.It is a hidden popular salami of Hapoloco.

  • AJILLOS ~ Oil boiled ~

    • GAMBAS AL AJILLO (shrimp's boiled with oil)


      If you notice, the ahijyo culture spread to Japan.I do not have much memory to eat in Spain.If you hit the bread, shrimp comes first.

    • SETAS AL AJILLO (Mushroom's Ahyejo)


      It is mushroom oil boil.

    • POLLOS AL AJILLO (chicken noodle)


      It is simmered chicken peach meat with oil.

  • PAN ~ Pan ~

    • PAN (bread)

    • PAN CON TOMATE (bread with rubbed tomatoes)


      It is a specialty pancintomate of Barcelona.People eat this.Compatibility with raw ham is outstanding.

    • BOCADILLO (Spanish style sandwich)


      It is Spanish soul food.Speaking of Japan "rice ball" like.

  • POSTRES ~ Dessert ~

    • 【Daily】 I am in a refrigerated showcase!

  • PAELLA ~ Paella ~

    • ※ It will take about 30 minutes from receiving your order, so please place your order as soon as possible!

    • ARROZ NEGRO (Paquia with squid ink) 1 serving / 2 servings

      ARROZ NEGRO (Paquia with squid ink) 1 serving / 2 servings


      It is Arosnegro specialty of Barcelona that I learned from legendary Hamon Hamon.It is a famous dish of Haporoco.

    • PAELLA MURCIANA (Murcia-like vegetable paesea) 1 serving / 2 servings


      It is a paier with plenty of vegetables.

    • PAELLA ENBTIDOS (Paeas of sausages) 1 servings / 2 servings


      Iberian pork sausage and tomato pajia.

    • PAELLA ALICANTINA (Alicante style seafood paesea) 2 servings


      It is Paeja of seafood and vegetables.

    • PAELLA MIXTA (Mix Paired) 2 servings


      It is a balanced pajas of seafood and meat.

    • ※ All rice can be changed to short pasta.

  • MENU DEL DIA ~ Today's Recommended ~ <ESPECIAL>

    • Lean steak (Chef recommended)


      It is a chef's recommended steak! Please enjoy the sauce in red wine sauce.

    • Homemade Lever Paste + Homemade Iberico Pork Riet


      A classic lever paste comes with plus Iberico piglet rip (pork chunks).Which one do you like, ANATA?

    • Marinated midi tomato and anchovy smoked


      Marinated with Spanish sake (Sherry), it is a recommended dish.

    • Mushroom's Segovia style


      It is a recipe of Madrid's popular shop, mesodel championion!

    • Bistec de A tun ~ Tuna steak ~


      With rock salt and japonais sauce.It fits the dry sherry sake.

    • Pouring beef with plankafoagra


      Popular restaurant in Barcelona is a popular menu of Basso de Oro!

  • MENU DEL DIA ~ Today's Recommended ~ <Postres&Cafe>

    • Cake piece


      She is a chef and patissier cake!

    • Cafe Set


      It is a set menu of dessert and cafe.

    • Assortment of cakes - with homemade ice cream -

      Assortment of cakes - with homemade ice cream -


      It is a great deals of cakes and ice cream.