• ENTRADAS ~ Appetizer ~

    • TAPAS (tapas)


      Speaking of Hapoloco, it is TAPAS lined up in the counter.A lot of dishes are lined up just like the locals.

    • RACION DE TAPAS (tapas of dish)


      It is a prime of Random Autumn.For the customers of the table where the counters are full and can not be seen.Customers at the counter should order at TAPAS.

    • ANCHOA AHUMADA (anchovy smoke)

    • BOQUERONES (pickled sardine)

    • ENSALADA MIXTA (Mixed salad)


      It is Spanish classic salad.It is a crisp salad with vinegar flavors containing tuna, eggs, corn and tomatoes.

    • ENSALADA CAESAR DE POLLO (Caesar salad of chicken)


      It is a popular salad in the Hankyu shop of Hapoloco.Chicken uses scissors.

    • HUEVOS A LA FLAMENCA (Flamenca egg)


      It seems that it was named for colorful dishes like flamenco costumes.It is a Spanish local cuisine with boiled tomatoes and vegetables and eggs dropped on it.※ It takes time to bake up in the oven.Please order as soon as possible.



      It is a popular menu of Haporoco.It is a dish that mixes eggs on a potato fly and mix them.It is a dish which fits whatever you like.(Raw ham, chorizo, shrimp, mushrooms, etc.)

    • PATATAS BRAVAS (Spicy Potato Fly)


      It is a delicious sauce of potato flies.I will spend plenty of places like the locals.

    • CROQUETAS DE POLLO Y JAMON (raw ham and chicken cream croquette)


      Reproduction of popular menu of "Hamon Hamon" in that Dojima.It is the taste of legend Barcelona.

    • PESCADOS FRITO (frying white fish)


      It is deep-fried of white fish.How about Spanish beer?

    • SOPA DE AJO (garlic soup)


      I'm sure you'll be fine and plenty of garlic.Soup that makes eggs cheerful as well.

  • CARNES ~ Meat dish ~

    • CALLOS DE MADRID (boiling with spicy beef)


      It is a Maddle style cow stew.

    • SURITIDO DE IBERICO ENBUTIDOS (Iberico sausage serving)

      3 species: \ 1200

      Please eat plenty with potato fried.

    • CHULETA DE IBERICO (Iberian pig's steak)


      Hapoloco's specialty dish.If you get lost!

  • ESCARDO Y MARISCO ~ Seafood ~

    • Please see MENU del Dia (today's recommended)!

  • JAMON Y QUESO ~ Raw ham & cheese ~

    • SURTIDO DE QUESO (Assorted Cheese)


      I will bring it for wine.There is no mistake in using the second store!

    • EL QUESO PURO DE OVEJA (sheep milk)


      It is milky cheese of aging for 3 months.It is a characteristic of habit.

    • QUESO DE OVEJA DE VINO (red wine flavored sheep milk)


      It is a sheep 's milk cheese pickled in red wine.It is characterized by sweetness.

    • QUESO DE CABRA (goat 's milk)


      Unlike general goats, it is easy to eat and mellow without habits.

    • SAN SIMON DE COSTA (cow's smoke)


      It is a cheese smoked cows' milk.It is said that coffee milk is on site.

    • QUESO MONCHEGO (Keso Manchego)


      It is milk of sheep, but in the field it is a milk of strong brand sheep called "keso Manchego".It is the most popular in Spain.

    • SURTIDO DE JAMON (Assortment of raw ham) 1/2 RACION / RACION


      It is a great deal of assorted salami with raw ham.You can also choose a single body in the raw ham menu.

    • SUTIDO DE JAMON Y QUESO (Assorted Raw Ham & Cheese)


      It is the strongest combination to match wine.If you are lost for second-person use this!

    • JAMON DE TLEVRRES (Hamontresle 20 months aged) 1/2 RACION / RACION


      It is recommended that Haporoco shopkeeper confidently take the best delicious Serrano by eating.

    • CHORIZO IBERICO DE BELLOTTA (Chorizo ​​of Iberico pig Bejota) 1/2 RACION / RACION


      Speaking of Choori is the city of Salamanca.It is also a shop owner's study abroad destination.If asked what the taste of Spain is, I will answer the taste of chorizo.

    • SALCHICHON IBERICO DE BELLOTA (Salami of Iberico pig Bejota) 1/2 RACION / RACION


      It is a salami of Iberico Bejota.It is a delicious salami with a flavor of peppers.

    • FUET CALIDAD EXTRA (white Kabisarami) 1/2 RACION / RACION


      It is white lamppy lamina of Catalonia region.It is a hidden popular salami of Hapoloco.

  • AJILLOS ~ Oil boiled ~

    • GAMBAS AL AJILLO (shrimp's boiled with oil)


      If you notice, the ahijyo culture spread to Japan.I do not have much memory I ate in Spain.If you hit the bread, shrimp comes first.

    • SETAS AL AJILLO (Mushroom's Ahyejo)


      It is mushroom oil boil.

    • POLLOS AL AJILLO (chicken noodle)


      It is simmered chicken peach meat with oil.

  • PAN ~ Pan ~

    • PAN (bread)

    • PAN CON TOMATE (bread with rubbed tomatoes)


      It is a specialty pancintomate of Barcelona.People eat this.Compatibility with raw ham is outstanding.

    • BOCADILLO (Spanish style sandwich)


      It is Spanish soul food.Speaking of Japan "rice ball" like.

  • POSTRES ~ Dessert ~

    • 【Daily】 I am in a refrigerated showcase!

  • PAELLA ~ Paella ~

    • ※ It will take about 30 minutes from receiving your order, so please place your order as soon as possible!

    • ARROZ NEGRO (Paquia with squid ink) 1 serving / 2 servings

      ARROZ NEGRO (Paquia with squid ink) 1 serving / 2 servings


      It is Arosnegro specialty of Barcelona that I learned from legendary Hamon Hamon.It is a famous dish of Haporoco.

    • PAELLA MURCIANA (Murcia-like vegetable paesea) 1 serving / 2 servings


      It is a paier with plenty of vegetables.

    • PAELLA ENBTIDOS (Paeas of sausages) 1 servings / 2 servings


      Iberian pork sausage and tomato pajia.

    • PAELLA ALICANTINA (Alicante style seafood paesea) 2 servings


      It is Paeja of seafood and vegetables.

    • PAELLA MIXTA (Mix Paired) 2 servings


      It is a balanced pajas of seafood and meat.

    • ※ All rice can be changed to short pasta.

  • MENU DEL DIA ~ Today's Recommended ~ <ESPECIAL>

    • Lean steak (Chef recommended)


      It is a chef's recommended steak! Please enjoy the sauce in red wine sauce.

    • Homemade Lever Paste + Homemade Iberico Pork Riet


      A classic lever paste comes with plus Iberico piglet rip (pork chunks).Which one do you like, ANATA?

    • Marinated midi tomato and anchovy smoked


      Marinated with Spanish sake (Sherry), it is a recommended dish.

    • Mushroom's Segovia style


      It is a recipe of Madrid's popular shop, mesodel championion!

    • Bistec de A tun ~ Tuna steak ~


      With rock salt and japonais sauce.It fits the dry sherry sake.

    • Pouring beef with plankafoagra


      Popular restaurant in Barcelona is a popular menu of Basso de Oro!

  • MENU DEL DIA ~ Today's Recommended ~ <Postres&Cafe>

    • Cake piece


      She is a chef and patissier cake!

    • Cafe Set


      It is a set menu of dessert and cafe.

    • Assortment of cakes - with homemade ice cream -

      Assortment of cakes - with homemade ice cream -


      It is a great deals of cakes and ice cream.